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Diamond Exch also termed Diamond Exchange ID is a trustworthy and reputable betting ID provider. It has positioned itself as the leading brand for providing betting on different games and sports. The company offers faith, reliability, and security that has made Diamond Exch reach the maximum audience. The platform makes your fantasy cricket and gambling dream come true most securely and reliably as possible. 

The website offers a wide range of services, user-friendliness, privacy measures, customer testimonials, etc. which makes Diamond Exchange the prominent choice for betters and gamblers. Additionally, the website gives information on how you acquire a betting ID and the importance of faith in the betting industry. 

The Diamond Exchange ID is not everybody’s cup of tea. The company is not a normal betting ID provider. It holds an intuitive approach and client-centric approach which has made it become the leading online betting platform. Whether you are professionally better or putting yourself into the sea of gambling, Diamond Exch is the safest and most secure place for you.

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How Do I Create an Online Diamond Exchange Betting ID?

A Diamond Exchange Betting ID is the unique identifier allotted to each user of this online betting platform. To place bets and use other platform features you need to have a Diamond Exch ID.

If you want to get Diamond Exchange ID India, you need to first register yourself on the website. Registration is a very easy and quick process. You need to share your details like name, email ID, and DOB. Once you are registered with the company, you can log in to your account and create a Diamond Exchange ID in India.

You need to press the Create Diamond Exchange ID button and then enter your username and password. Once you are done with the ID, you can start betting and playing on the platform. Participants can deposit and withdraw money using various payment methods.

Here are the simple steps to create an online diamond exchange betting ID:

1.Go to the diamond exchange website.

2.Press the “Register” button.

3.Enter your details like name, email address, and date of birth.

4. Create a username and password.

5. Click the “Create Account” button.

6.After registration, log into your account.

7. Click the “Generate Diamond Exchange ID” button.

8. Enter the username and password for your Diamond Exchange ID.

9. Click the “Generate Diamond Exchange ID” button.

10. You now have a Diamond Exchange ID and you can start using the platform to place bets and play games.

How to Get a Diamond Exchange Token?

Ensure that you are logging in with the right email address. This is the only way diamond exchange will contact you. Thereafter, choose a strong password for the Diamond Exchange Online ID. It will help you protect your account from fraudulent access. Keep your ID and password confidential. If anytime you find trouble getting your diamond exchange betting ID, you can contact the platform right away.

How To Place Bets On Diamond Exchange Matches?

Cricket is among the most sought games in the world. It stands in second place after soccer with over 2.5 billion participants worldwide. Additionally, it is among the games which are most betted. In this section, we are going to ensure types of cricket betting, individual bets, betting odds, and strategies. Read all the information carefully.

Reading the Cricket Match Odds

Reading the uncertainties is the best way to estimate the revenues from cricket betting. Making presumptions of the odds in cricket is no different from other major sports. You can place a moneyline bet or you go with the Sportbook of the game. These two are the most popular approaches.

Moneyline Odds

Australia: -200

South Africa: +170

The odds given above are mentioned in the American Odds. In this, the favorite is listed with minus numbers, and the underdog is on the positive side. Let's say you were betting $100 on the +170 underdog, South Africa and they win, the better will be getting $100 + $170 more. If you place a bet for $100 on -200 that is Australia and if they win, you would get a profit of $50.

There are other odds as well like Decimal Odds where everything is in decimal and then fractional odd.

How to Bet On Diamond Exchange Matches Especially Cricket?

Like all the popular sports, being successful better in cricket has become the most basic thing. You must know how to bet on a cricket match. Furthermore, you need to know the game, players, and competition standards. But the most crucial thing is the available online game betting formats. If you don't have enough knowledge of this, you will regret trying gambling for sure. Below we have shared the most popular online gambling formats and the best possible ways to bet on cricket matches.

Match Sportsbook

As discussed above, a Sportsbook match is the most sought bet in cricket and it is done through Moneyline bets. Some of the popular Sportsbooks provide options to bet on the draw by checking the competition format.

You may also notice "double-chance" cricket bets which is a popular technique in soccer format. You can bet on a team to win or draw. For beginning bettors or casual fans, waging the match Sportsbook is a simple way to increase some stakes of a game and to bet on cricket and win.

Innings Runs

Betting on the runs in an inning is another acclaimed method many people opt for. This is the most popular way to bet on a cricket match. Fans decide to wage on the exact number of runs in an inning, or Over, or Under an anticipated runs total.

An online sportsbook conducts it. In other cricket formats, including the famous T20, there would be two innings, with each team batting once. In test series, there would be four innings, with the team alternatively batting.

First Ball or First Over Betting

If the wager wants to wage for more often outcomes, he can then wage on the first ball or first over of the match. Some popular online betting platforms offer cricket odds for specific outcomes like the first ball (a six, a boundary, or a wicket). Many sites list an Over or Underrun total from the first ball and the first over.

Player & Team Total Betting

It is similar to betting on the first over or first ball for immediate outcomes. participants can wage on an individual player or it can be on the total run scored by a team in the match. Books set the side and player totals from which participants can bet Over or Under. Sometimes the bookies will place whether the player will make a century or half-century as a whole and separate bet.

Live Cricket Betting

Numerous Sportsbooks offer live betting where wagers can wage on many formats indicated above during a match. On top of dynamic odds for standard formats, live in-play cricket betting can show unique formats like the results from the next ball or the next over.

Online Betting ID By Free Diamond Exchange Betting ID

The Diamond Exchange Betting ID is an identification code assigned to each user of this online betting platform. To place wagers and use other site options, you must have a Diamond Exch ID. If you want to receive a Diamond Exchange ID in India, you must first register on the website.

Registration is an easy and swift procedure. You need to provide private details such as your name, email address, and date of birth. Once you have registered with the company, you can log in to your user account and create a Diamond Exchange ID for India.

Press the Create Diamond Exchange ID button, then enter your username and password. Once you've completed the ID, you may start betting and playing.

What Free Diamond Exchange Betting ID Offers?

Free Diamond Exchange Demo ID offers multiple benefits. Firstly, you have become authorized better from a reliable platform. Secondly, you have multiple options to bet like sports and other games. The rest of the information is given below.

Authorized Betting

You become better authorized by being associated with the Diamond Exchange ID. We we say authorized we mean you are a reliable better in the eyes of laws and penal codes. There is no such obligation or dispute when you earn money from betting on cricket or other games with us.

Easy Earning

The diamond exchange is the ultimate option for building a source of stable earnings or savings. Your deal starts with Rs100 and can move forward when you become familiar with the betting process. You can range from Rs100 to Rs 1 crore.


It is the best source of entertainment as well. If you are a fan of cricket or just like sports then you must become a better at Diamond Exchange. We provide very good deals to our online diamond exchange ID holders.


It boosts your knowledge of the trending fantasy sports or gaming world. It is not pure gambling but yet will find yourself gambling at best when you are associated with Diamond Exchange. Enhance your fantasy cricket knowledge and bet more.

What is Cricket Trading?

Cricket trading entails understanding numerous formats and rules, such as tie and draw. When scores are tied, all bets on Betfair exchanges are voided. When sides fail to finish a match, such as in a test match, the result is a draw. Many games are postponed because of inclement weather. Statistics may be important in trading decisions, depending on the strategy.

Betfair's principal market for cricket trading is the match odds market. It is the only market used by professional cricket dealers due to its high liquidity. In limited-overs cricket, this is just a two-way betting market in which you can either back or lay one team. There is no draw option, with the tie being the only conceivable conclusion of the scores.


Cricket trading is extremely profitable, with huge matches generating tens of millions of pounds due to the liquidity of match odds markets.

Pre-match Cricket Trading

Pre-match trading is a technique in which traders capitalize on market movements before the commencement of a cricket match. Cricket markets, like football trade, are stable before the game, with prices fluctuating only a few times unless there is substantial news, such as missing players or weather changes.

Pre-match cricket trading has several advantages, including low odds and strong liquidity, which allows scalpers to scalp markets for a few ticks.

In-Play Cricket Trading

In-play cricket trading enables traders to anticipate market fluctuations during gameplay and make educated decisions about when to open trades. It's good for inexperienced traders because the odds don't change quickly, and liquidity trading in live cricket can be useful in short-form events like Twenty20.

Prominent Benefits Of Cricket Trading with Diamond Exchange ID

People thinking what are the advantages of having cricket trading done with diamond exchange ID must read this section. Your money multiples to up to 10 folds if you trade right. Secondly, you have an opportunity to live in the new era of fantasy cricket and sports. You have an additional source of earnings with you which is also legal in the eyes of laws. What else could you demand? Other benefits include:

Supreme Entertainment

Every minute there are risks and then heavy returns on the risks. Every moment becomes a point of joy and then other minutes it could be sorrow. Infused with emotions, mental ability, and mindset, online cricket trading is pure fun and entertainment. People love to trade on their favorite games or sports as they have a good understanding and knowledge of the game. Money is the second-best thing.

Super Earning Stream

No doubt betting sports can be a super source of earning. In the presence of risk and uncertainties, you may find it a bit difficult but once you get familiar, you can earn up to Rs1 crore. Imagine, you have become a billionaire only by placing bets or cricket trading. Moreover, you can save money on the platform itself or utilize the bonus for the next trade.

Optimize Financial Returns

Overall, placing an online cricket bet may be both rewarding and pleasant. It may be a very pleasurable way to earn money, support the sport, and have fun. These considerations make cricket betting an excellent choice for anyone trying to maximize the return on their financial investments.

Game for Major

Betting or cricket trading on any platform like Diamond Exchange is an entertainment source for 18+ age groups. People who have become majors or are 18 and above can start placing their bets according to the formats provided on the website. People who are less than 18 are not entertained on any platform to place bets.

Match Prediction Diamond Exchange Betting

Placing wagers on a well-anticipated match may be both entertaining and lucrative. You must assess everything from beginning to conclusion. Because cricket is a dynamic sport, assessments might occasionally be incorrect. To assist you deal with match forecast uncertainty. Here are some pointers that can help you make the finest match prediction bets.

1. Keep An Eye on Team & Their Game

Never wager recklessly or rely only on good fortune. This is where you should be familiar with the fundamentals of each team member, including injuries, form, and so on. This allows you to better accurately predict events, such as who will win today's match and who will win the IPL tournament.

2. Work with a Reliable Bookie

There is an abundance of bookmakers on the market, and your objective is to choose a reputable service. In this circumstance, you can be certain that you will enjoy the cricket prediction process and receive your prizes on time for who will win today's match.

3. Don’t Bet In Heaps

You must set a spending limit if you do not want to lose everything. You should not deposit any more money than you can afford after that. It is advisable to have control over your sentiments and place a bet that may churn you profit but not big losses.

4. Mental Balance

Even while the majority of cricket betting is done using mathematics, you must be careful not to let your emotions get the best of you. Make sure you have self-control and can quit if required. Mental stability is the key here to dealing with emotional rage or overwhelmed thoughts.

How To Add Funds to Diamond Exchange ID in India?

The procedure is quite easy. You can contact your ID provider on the WhatsApp numbers as stated on their website. They will ask you for the money you want to add to your ID and then will ask for the method of payment. Provide the details and you are good to go. Other important steps of adding funds to the ID is given below:

1.Firstly, log in to the diamond exchange online ID on the website.

2. Now, go to the add funds option.

3. Tap the button and it will ask for the amount you want to bet.

4. Enter a specific amount. It can be Rs100 to any amount from your pocket.

5. Now choose the specific method i.e., Gpay, PayPal, Phonepe, UPI, Net Banking, etc.

6. Once you are done with the money-adding process.

7. Go and bet.

How To Withdraw Winnings from Diamond Exchange Betting ID?

People usually do not withdraw unless they have a matured amount in their IDs. Below we have mentioned some steps that will help you withdraw your money easily from the Diamond exchange ID.

1. Tap on the profile picture on the dashboard.

2. Then click on the My Balance section.

3. Here you will find your balance and other details.

4. Then you have to click on the link "withdraw".

5. Enter the amount you need to withdraw.

6 You should know that the minimum amount should be Rs60 and more to withdraw from the winning.

A few things to know before you start withdrawing your winnings from popular ID providers. The terms and conditions may remain different depending on the ID provider to other ID providers. But generally, the procedure remains the same.

1. You can make upto 3 withdrawal requests per day.

2. Amount would have a bifurcation of taxes and TDS (if any).

3. Each request can bear Rs100 to a maximum of 1 Crore.

Note: Diamond Exchange provides first signup rewards as well to its new users. You can avail of them from their website at the time of registering for a diamond exchange ID in India.

Some of the Useful Tips When You Start Cricket Betting

When you start to bet on cricket matches, there are a few informed decisions you should make while waging. Firstly, betting is not a minor's cup of tea. You should be a major (18+) to adhere to the betting laws and codes. Secondly, you should be aware of each information a better must know. The rest of the details are given below.

Informed Decisions

It is advisable to make informed decisions before placing any bet on the diamond exchange platform. By informed decision we mean you have to have information on the game you are placing your bet on. Simultaneously, you should have details of the betting procedure from the existing platform.

Format Understanding

You should bring your knowledge into play while waging for different formats of cricket. T20 can give you astounding and quick outcomes while if you bet in the Test Series format, it won't be a quick outcome scenario. Thus knowledge of formats is necessary while betting.

Smart Decisions

Smartness plays a significant role in providing the highest return while you bet. You should know the right timing (only comes with experience) to place the bet and get maximum returns. You should be aware of the technique to minimize the loss on the placed bet. Your skills and mind have the power to deal with the repercussions of the bet. Hence we always advise you to bet mindfully.

What Are the Types of Diamond Exchange Bets?

You can place bets differently through Diamond Exch. There are no specific criteria for betting in cricket as everything is available under bet. You can bet from the first ball to the last over to the first batsman to the last bowler. Simultaneously, a bet can be placed on the first wicket to the total wickets on the match or one side.

It's your call to bet and on which aspect you are going to bet. Wage only depends upon your mindset and skills. Rest things are odds which are already described in this article.

How Odds Are Calculated in Online Diamond Exchange Betting?

There are different ways of calculating the odds in a cricket match. We have already shared the odds in this article but for your detailed understanding here is a quick look:

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds are commonly used in Europe, Australia, and Canada. It offers a straight representation of expected returns such as 2.50 or 1.75. A participant can ascertain their winnings by multiplying the stake by the decimal odds.

For instance; If you have placed a bet of $100 with 2.50 odds and if they win. Your total return would count as $250 ($100*2.50).

Fractional Odds

It is most often computed in the United Kingdom and represents fractions such as 3/1 or 5/2. The first figure indicates the projected profit, while the second indicates the needed capital.

For example, suppose you stake $100 on fractional odds of 5/1. Then the successful bet would net you $500 ($100*5) in addition to your initial investment.

Can You Withdraw Money Won From Bonus Bet?

No withdrawal of money from the bonus bet is not possible because it is not treatable in cash. You can utilize it for other bets and winning from the bet can be further converted into cash.

Why Choose Free Cricket ID For Online Diamond Exchange Betting ID

Free Cricket ID is a trusted site that offers long-term betting possibilities as well as free cricket trade IDs. With over 32 games and sports, it provides a streamlined betting experience while establishing confidence and legitimacy. Users may select a free ID for cricket trade and gain both amusement and monetary rewards.

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To learn more about diamond exchange betting ID visit our website. This is a detailed guide on betting ID and how you can trade on cricket with the help of diamond exch ID. We are the leading and reliable partners for playing your fantasy cricket game and other sports with free diamond exchange IDs in India. We provide every detail and good technical support 24*7 to our participants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. What are the offers on Diamond Exchange ID?

A. There are signup offers once you register to get your betting ID. It is available on the website.

Q. Which site is best for cricket betting?

A. is the best site for online cricket betting.

Q. Which betting sites have a Rs100 signup bonus in India?

A. multiple websites are offering a Rs100 signup bonus in India. You can check the free cricket ID as well to know their signup bonus.

Q. Is online betting ID legal and safe to use?

A. At Free Cricket ID, we strictly follow all applicable rules and regulations, ensuring a safe and secure betting experience. We ensure a trustworthy environment for our users by forming strategic alliances with legal and reputable betting suppliers, creating confidence and peace of mind with each wager made.

Q. How Can I Deposit & Withdraw Funds on Free Cricket ID?

A. We provide a range of payment options such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, Net Banking, Bank Deposit, and any UPI method. When it comes time to withdraw, simply send us a message with the amount you want to withdraw, and we'll transfer it to your selected payment method right away.